“YUM!! Fresh, Inventive Food in an Inviting ‘Black Hills’ Atmosphere”

Reviewed July 19, 2011

Wow-was I glad that I took my two friends from Florida to this fairly-new establishment in Hot Springs, SD. The Vault is a renovated bar-cafe that has a ‘mountainy’, roomy atmosphere. Old sandstone walls have been exposed, windows give plenty of light, tables are far enough apart for private conversation and the decor of stone, logs and trophy mounts (not enought to overpower) are well put together.
Then there was our meal. I had an excellent entree called a Chicken Popper. It was a perfectly-cooked chicken breast with a crunchy outside. This laid on a cream-cheese (and other ingredients) base over a generous bun. The breast was drizzled with a delicious raspberry-chipolte sauce. This sandwich was served hot and fresh out of the kitchen. My friends had one of the Vault’s specialties, the Mini-Brats with Sweet Potato Fries. They said they were Very Good and we all enjoyed the fries so much!
Prices were reasonable and it was very relaxing. I took half of my sandwich home and it was delicious the next day.
We didn’t see any salad choices on the menu, so wouldn’t be a good choice for a super-light or vegan lunch.
Service was fine-kitchen was superb-clean.
Definitely go back as soon as possible.

A Happy Customer Review from TripAdvisor.com

The Vault was a neat find in Hot Springs, SD on what I assume is the main strip. This restaurant/bar had a wide selection of beers and liquors, as well as a creative menu.

We got the vault burger, and the dare burger. The vault burger was excellent (and huge). The dare burger seemed like a better idea on the menu, then someone dumped twice as much horseradish sauce on it, and then my eyes watered with every bite.

I’m not sure if this place is new, newly renovated, or just looked new, but it seems like a pretty swell place. If I had any intention of every going back to Hot Springs, SD… I’d hang out here, but I don’t, so I won’t.

A Happy Customer Review from Yelp.Com